Gait Analysis

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Gait is the term used to explain the way we walk and run. In order to understand movement and prevent or manage injury, it is important to evaluate an individulas gait accurately.

  • Do you have an underlying imbalance that is contributing to your foot, ankle, leg, knee, hip or back pain?
  • As you start increasing your mileage – are you at risk of injury?
  • Are you performing the right exercises to maximise your foot function?
  • Do your shoes provide the right support?
  • Do you have a chronic problem affecting the way you walk or have an artificial knee or hip?

Every year, we are contacted by many runners who have to defer their participation in races due to injuries sustained in the last couple of months of training. Our clients range from elite sports men and women from all sports to those who just perform for fun. Many of our clients have chronic problems which make everyday walking painful and difficult.

An assessment by one of our experts may identify problems before you develop an injury that could jeopardise your participation in the marathon.

In conjunction with a detailed assessment of your underlying structure (Biomechanics) we perform:

Foot Surgery

We provide surgical management for a wide range of foot conditions including detailed assessment and post operative care.


Podiatric biomechanics involves the assessment of the structure, alignment and function of the feet and legs.

Interactive Self Diagnosis

Use our online interactive self diagnosis tool to pinpoint your exact ailment and receive support and advice on your condition.