Inshoe Pressure Analysis

In-shoe pressure analysis enables us to accurately determine the way your feet function within your shoes by using special insoles with force sensors, the same technology as used by NASA and Nike. Think of this as a ‘window’ inside the shoe.

This detailed analysis allows us to evaluate how the foot loads during walking and running and, where appropriate, we can compare different types of shoes or specific sports techniques. This technology can be used to evaluate golfers cyclists and most types of sports.

For patients with orthoses (shoe inserts), we are able to compare the before and after effects to get a clearer picture of how the orthoses affect function.

We also use this technology to help us design orthoses as we can modify them based on the results until the best function is achieved.

This is particularly suitable for complex cases and high level/professional sports people.


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Foot Surgery

We provide surgical management for a wide range of foot conditions including detailed assessment and post operative care.


Podiatric biomechanics involves the assessment of the structure, alignment and function of the feet and legs.

Interactive Self Diagnosis

Use our online interactive self diagnosis tool to pinpoint your exact ailment and receive support and advice on your condition.