below are some of the thank you notes and comments we have received from our patients:





Dear Mr Prior

I have just so many thanks you’s to say for the treatment you provided last Tuesday. I am pleased to say that I do not frequent hospitals much but your kindness and helpfulness was so appreciated, both by myself and my son Matthew.

I was beginning to think I should give up my eight days a week at the nursery – but who knows, there may be another few years in the old girl yet!

I have already found relief by standing on my slope (made the following day) whilst helping customers, and washing up at home!

I realised that I should have seen you long before, but I do thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did.


Dear Mr Prior

Thank you very much for seeing me again and for sending a copy of your report. I felt much better and happier after seeing you and have been measured for a new Richie brace. It is very reassuring knowing that you are there and that I will be able to see you again.



It’s really  difficult when you are – as I was –  a reputable clinical specialist no longer able to keep on top of your own symptoms. What else to do? Who to go to? It was a little confronting. I had done for myself all that I could think of and got no better.  I needed treatment  from someone whom I believed was better than me at doing what I was good at. That could only  be from Trevor. For many years he was the only Consultant I ever felt confident to refer patients to when my approaches didn’t work. So I went to see him.  He diagnosed and treated me with a confidence and respect  that I found absolutely reassuring.  That is difficult to get from a peer. It is six months now since I was treated. My presenting symptoms are no longer present and I regard myself as being better. When anyone asks me, Trevor Prior is now  my Specialist in Podiatric Biomechanics.

Clive Chapman, DPodM, DMS, MSc (Pod)

Dear Mr Prior

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for your recommendation. I appreciate the time and effort you spent on teaching me as well as your team.

You have been a great influence throughout my undergraduate career. I am so glad to have met you. I hope to see you in the States!



I had bunion surgery with Mr prior about a year ago and at the weekend went to a wedding and wore a pair of heeled dress shoes for the first time. My foot was fine for the whole day and evening and I am very pleased with the outcome.


Dear Mr prior

I want to thank you for my new feet. For too many years I put up with painful bunions and misshapen toes because of my fear of surgery. I never felt a thing during my operation and still cannot believe how good my feet look and feel.

For the first time in my life I can wear dainty shoes.

Please encourage anyone who feels the same as I did to take a chance, I can assure them they will not regret it.


Dear Mr prior

Thank you so much for your care of me over the last several years particularly before, during and after my recent bunion surgery.

I am amazed how well it all went, how painlessly and what a difference it has already made – I am looking forward to those new shoes!

I would recommend you to anyone.

 F C-W

Dear Mr Prior

The reason for my writing is to thank you sincerely Mr Prior for helping me decide surgery will be the long-term answer to my problem. It has already made so much difference to the quality of my day-to-day management.

As an NHS patient the attention I received by every department connected to you as a podiatrist was excellent.

Thank you.


Dear Mr Prior

Thank you for your kindness and good works. I will always remember you as I walk through life.


Dear Mr Prior

I just wanted to say thank you so much for looking after my lovely mother so well. She is really pleased with her toe. In fact, last week she said that her toe was a “triumph” and she does not use such words lightly. I am so pleased to see her so happy when the lack of shoe choice was really making her unhappy. I felt very confident in suggesting to her that she would see you for the operation and thank you so much your professional care and kindness and, most of all, a triumphant result.


Dear Mr Prior

Prior to the operation in June, I was completely at the end of my tether with the constant pain in my right foot which made walking and, generally, any daily activity extremely painful and difficult. I now have a pain-free right foot which now looks like a normal foot. Thank you so much for all you have done for me for which I will be eternally grateful.


I had been suffering with ingrowing toenails for a while and which badly deteriorated causing me to be unable to wear most of my shoes and leaving with a constant pain on both feet. After a consultation with Mr Prior, surgery was scheduled for the following week. Less than 5 weeks after this painless operation, I was already able to wear any shoes and the pain has completely disappeared and the aesthetic side of the operation is just perfect.  This minor surgical procedure has now changed my life as I am not scared any more when people walk next to my feet, when bumping into objects or choosing a pair of shoes. I am even ready to enrol in dance lessons.


I visited Mr Prior with a growth on the inside of my little toe which I have suffered with for over 20 years.

He advised that he could remove the growth but that would involve going deep into the bone but could not guarantee that the growth would never come back and recovery time would be several month

Mr Prior explained the more extreme alternative was to remove the whole toe which would be a simple soft tissue procedure and recovery time would only be a couple of weeks.

Fully informed I chose the removal of the toe and the procedure was carried at my choice under sedation.

I cannot say how pleased I am with the result.

There was no pain during or for 24 hours following the procedure.

Then only mild discomfort was controlled fully with pain killers.

10 days later I am back in shoes with no pain.

Importantly the pain and discomfort I have suffered for 20 years has gone and will never return.

Next to having my eyes lasered it is the best money I have spent in years.

I highly recommend Premier Podiatry, they did an amazing job.

Thank you


I want to thank you again for your expert care before, during, and after my surgery, and for the time taken to clarify all I needed to know. Your obvious care, friendly demeanor and endless patience was all very much appreciated.  I am so pleased that this is finally behind me and my toe could hopefully just behave :).

I just want to add a small note to say how impressed I was to get a phone call from Shirley two days post surgery to see how I was. I`ve been to numerous doctors in the past and never have I seen such care. I was really touched.

Wishing you much continued success in helping many more people live better lives,

With much gratitude


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