Shoes are one of the biggest factors in foot pain. They cause pain and deformity and aggravate exisiting deformity. Knowing what to look for, how a shoe should fit correctly and where to go are essential if you are to have healthy feet.

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Odd Size Feet – Soulmates

Soulmates is:

  1. A voluntary organisation for people with different sized feet or only one foot.
  2. For adults and children
  3. Covering all of the British Isles.
  4. In existence since 1976.
  5. Offering a partnering service i.e. putting you in touch with people who have the opposite size to yourself.
  6. Information on manufacturers and suppliers of odd sized footwear.
  7. On occasions supplying footwear, when available members are notified.
  8. Life membership fee £5.
  9. Cannot cure the problem but will try and ease it.
  10. All enquiries must enclose an SAE


Mrs A Cross
46 Gordon Road
London E4 6BU

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