A verruca is a viral infection of the superficial layer of skin, much the same as a wart. These can be of varying size and number and can occur anywhere on the foot.

Classically, they are well defined (circumscribed) and have little black dots which are blood vessels that have been pushed towards the surface. They may or may not be painful.

They will resolve on their own but, if they are spreading or painful, treatment is required. The common treatments can be in the form of topical applications (either commercially available or professionally applied), homeopathic treatment, freezing (cryotherapy) or surgical excision. Surgery often utilises an electric current (electrosurgery) to remove the tissue carefully to reduce scarring.

New Treatments

Fed up of your verruca? Swift use the latest technology to treat stubborn lesions

Fed up of your verruca?  Swift use the latest microwave  technology to treat stubborn lesions – see video

Swift microwave therapy is a new treatment which is quick, does not require an anaesthetic and has been shown to be highly effective for the treatment of verrucae.

Verruca needling is an additional option for this condition. Recent research has demonstrated its effectiveness as a simple outpatient procedure with minimal risks or post operative pain but more than one treatment may be required.

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