Lower Back Pain

There are many causes of lower back pain, it is very important that patients have an adequate diagnosis so that the most appropriate treatment plan can be implemented.

However, when there is recurrent or chronic lower back pain, this may be contributed to by the underlying structural alignment / function. Asymmetry due to altered foot function or a leg length discrepancy (one leg longer than the other) can alter pelvic alignment.

If there is insufficient muscle control of the pelvis, hip knee or foot, this can place increased stress on the lower back, predisposing to symptoms.

A 3D gait analysis allows assessment of the rotations from the pelvis to the foot and can help determine if there may be any contributing factors.

Foot Surgery

We provide surgical management for a wide range of foot conditions including detailed assessment and post operative care.


Podiatric biomechanics involves the assessment of the structure, alignment and function of the feet and legs.

Interactive Self Diagnosis

Use our online interactive self diagnosis tool to pinpoint your exact ailment and receive support and advice on your condition.